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One of the leading companies in maintenance and AC repair in Dubai

The local weather of Dubai can be extremely harsh throughout different periods of the year. While winters are often pleasantly cool, summers can hit 45 49 degrees Celsius on some days. This heat is often amplified by the thickness of humidity in the atmosphere, which can reach 90 per cent on occasion.

Given these extreme conditions, it is important to have a perfectly functioning air conditioning system to keep you cool throughout the hot days. Make sure you avoid heat strokes and dehydration caused by excessive perspiration – call on one of the leading AC maintenance companies in Dubai for all your repair and maintenance needs, OnTime Facilities Management.

Meeting all your needs for AC repair in Dubai in a timely manner

To ensure that we provide the highest quality services to our clients, we at OnTime Facilities Management implement a tiered process for repairing air conditioning units, like other world-class AC repair companies.

Our field technicians will do a preliminary analysis of your unit to identify any malfunctioning parts or systems. If there are parts that are in need of replacement or repair, our personnel will let you know right away. Upon your approval, our technicians will perform the necessary replacements and repairs to get your unit back up and working.

As one of the most respected AC repair companies in the region, we only source our replacement parts from the most trusted suppliers in the industry. As such, you can rest assured that the parts we introduce to your appliance will last for a long time.

Intensive services from one of the best AC maintenance companies today

While there are cases where complete extensive repairs are needed, there are instances when a unit simply needs a bit of cleaning to get it running again.

In addition to performing repairs, our company can also do regular maintenance on any unit. We can check and clean the filtration system and duct work of your appliance to ensure that there are no foreign contaminants and dust buildup impeding the flow of air.