Well maintained, beautiful landscapes are very important for retaining the corporate / brand image and maintenance issues with landscaping are immense, especially in extreme climatic conditions. We have strategic partnerships with some of the best landscaping service providers in the region and we have handpicked those vendors based on our stringent vendor qualification criteria. Leave your worries about managing your facility's beautiful landscape to our consultants and we will not disappoint you.

In the modern urban world, with its endless concrete, pollution and the reduction of the natural environment, beautiful landscaping, gardens and public parks are very important for health and wellbeing. They form the green lungs of a city and provide visual respite, offering a connection to the natural world. Ontime Facilities Management Dubai has a professional team with experience in creating and maintaining gardens, shrubs and trees, with the aim of keeping them fresh and beautiful all year round.

Landscaping is about the environment, it’s not prescriptive; it’s about working with you to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations, whether the service is ground maintenance, landscaping or indoor plant decoration.

We are committed to the training and development of all of our employees, ensuring that the skills they learn are practical and transferable, allowing us to meet your requirements first time. Part of this commitment is shown through Ontime Group’s environmental policy which allows us to work in synergy and create the most finely resolved outcome.