Facility Management Consultancy & Advisory Services

Various studies across the globe regarding built facilities has revealed that - out of the total life cycle cost, only 20% is utilized for construction and the remaining massive 80% is utilized for the operation and maintenance. This figure may go up if the facility has been constructed without involving Facility Management Consultants, right from the design stage. We at OnTime Facilities Management are committed to providing class leading Facility Consultancy services at various stages of construction, from design to completion and project-handover.

We ensure that we continually improve our services in line with new industry best practice and innovations. Sustainability is high on our agenda with solutions designed to protect the environment - we strongly believe in our maxim ‘Here today and here tomorrow’.

Our clients range from single site to multi-national organizations across a wide range of markets in the private and public sector. Our private family ownership allows us to focus long-term and operate a sustainable business for the future. Our highly experienced and certified team of professionals will share their knowledge and expertise in the Engineering Industry, no matter how small or big your requirements are.


  • Design Sustainability & Review
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Life Safety Systems
  • Interior Air Quality
  • Environmental Impact
  • Space Analysis and Occupant Efficiency
  • Security Efficiency and Other Potential Hazards to the Facility
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Asset Survey & Capturing
  • Asset Management Plan
  • Maintenance Schedules according to OEMs
  • Prequalification of Specialist Systems Service Providers
  • Equipment Reliability Assessment
  • Post Occupancy Reviews
  • Defect Liability Reporting
  • FM Performance Assessment System
  • Environment, Health & Safety Plan