Cleaning and Housekeeping Services

We understand that Cleaning & Housekeeping services play one of the most vital role in maintaining the brand / corporate image of your facility and the comfort of its occupants. We are experienced in providing a first-class facilities cleaning and housekeeping project which is engineered to keep pace with fast moving and high quality of human environments. So whatever type of environment or facility you manage, we will advise you on how we would approach and address your cleaning needs.

Our service is designed to be a complete and effective deliverable, tailored to meet the demands of each specific customer site. We can provide complete integrated cleaning services with professionally trained teams who use latest equipment and work to the highest international standards. OnTime Facilities Management professional cleaning services uses only approved eco-friendly & environmentally-safe cleaning agents which will ensure excellent results and reduce environmental impacts.

We believe you’ll see a more personal approach, meaning greater commitment and flexibility, along with shorter lines of communication to our management. It’s often these details that make the difference.